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Please click on the image and then click the image again to view the largest version.   
Credit and thanks to the photographers for sharing the photographs from which these images are derived.
The link to their sites (where available) is embedded in the title caption underneath each image.
Clicking on the title caption will forward you to the original photograph and/or the photographer’s web site.
Steer Wrestling
First catch
Homeless man
Homeless Man B&W
Big pointer
The Hawk
Photographers: Homeless man-Leroy skalstad, Butterfly-Derek lilly. Janie-Dave Beswick. First Catch-click on link.
Deer-Daniel amezy. Steer Wrestling-Skarabeuz. The Hawk-click on link.
I have smudge painted and digitally manipulated each of these images in order to turn the photograph into
a painting. The original photographs are credited to the photographers listed below: