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Dawn’s early light
Credit for the photograph of “The boatman” goes to Sujit Kumar. The sky is composited from another
photograph. The original photograph can be viewed here:  http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Boat_Man.JPG
Oliver Cousineau is credited with creating the Terragen background. I added the train and tracks to
form the composite image you see here.
Castle at dawn
I found the photo of the castle on the internet years ago,and I credit the phtographer who took the
picture,although I don’t know his/her name. The pond and wall is a separate image blended here to
form the composite image.
High desert hawk
Thanks to photographer Dusty Davis for the background scene. The hawk and tree stump were
blended with the background to create the composite scene. Dusty’s blog and work can be viewed
At:  http://www.dustydavis.com/longride/2007_05_01_archive.html
A new view
The view
I created the paneled image on the left by manipulating the giant stone
Sculpture into a lighthouse facade. And added the lighthouse turret,
man standing on rail walk and squadron of airplanes to form the “New
View” image.